Edwin C Lynn

Life Lessons from the Sea

"Shore Lines:  Life Lessons from the Sea" is a collection of 27 short essays on life lessons inspired by the ocean he lived near most of his life.  The three sections of Attitude, Adversity and Gratitude explore such coastal icons as the shifting sand dunes, breaking waves and mysterious sea birds.

"The contrast of the ocean's continuity and these shoreline variations enhance our visual delight in being there.  The edges give us perspective as we move through transitions and are the dividing lines where change is most evident.  It is not surprising that along the ocean's edge the land becomes worn and torn, which can jeopardise beaches and seaside residences.  Our life's edges are the thresholds, boundaries and frontiers that accentuate change."

Tired Dragons

"Tired Dragons: Adapting Church Architecture to Changing Needs" was published in 1972 by Beacon Press.  The book was selected as one of the 50 "Best from Books" in the first edition of "The People's Almanac".   

"Until the rigid pew structure is changed, the church will not substantially alter its present course. The pews are where the people are, and unless they are willing to alter their patterns, there is little hope for the tired dragons. This does not mean that by destroying all pews we would have a revitalized church; it only means as long as pews are worshiped, there is little hope for a relevant church.”

Days Alive

"Days Alive" was a self-published booklet with 365 quotations about appreciating every day.

"Treasure the day and what it brings.  All of your problems cannot be solved in a single day.  Each day is created anew, each day you are given a fresh beginning.  None of us should take any day for granted or be numbed to its simple one-at-time gifts."